Guide on Satellite Internet

Having understood the concept behind internet connection, one thing is common; wherever there exists humans in this world, there has to be a network connection because the world stops when there is no internet service. That is why the deepest and uttermost parts of the earth still have a way of receiving access for internet providers.
Because of these advantages, it brings us to the use of the satellite internet provider, its features and its operation in Georgia.

How Do Satellite Internet Providers Provide Services?

Just as the name implies, satellite internet providers work by the use of the satellite. It is a form of wireless connection among three points; one in space, one at the provider’s company and the last at the user’s home; probably there is usually a modem or cable connecting through the dish to the modem. Then the satellite in space works by rotating and receiving signals from the server to the user’s home and creating an effective connection as such. However, this method can be used in Georgia where internet access is poor. There is going to be a brief expansion on the satellite internet providers in Georgia and how well they operate. So, firstly you have to make the connection before any online activity.


Requirements for accessing Satellite Internet

There are requirements that should be adhered to before a user can gain access to satellite use. They are:

  • Permission to mount a satellite in your home.
  • The dish needs a clear view of the sky, it should not obstructed by a roof or anything at all that covers the signal point on the dish.

Satellite Internet Providers in Georgia

This then brings us to the two major satellite internet providers in Georgia; HughesNet and Viasat

  • HughesNet: They provide about 1Ogb-50GB plans, have 5OGB of free data from 2 a. m – 8 a.m. They have an internet speed of 25Mbps. Charges of $400 to cancel the plan within 90 days which is slashed to $15 per month. They provide users with prompt delivery as in repairs and an all round tech support system.
  • Viasat: Maximum speed of 100Mbps. They have a data allowance of 12Mbps and an unlimited offer. Just like Hughes, they have an installation fee. Also, they have a promo pricing service of 3 months and an easy-care facility which lasts 3 months. Contract is 24 months as well (90 days) without option.

In Georgia, the low rate of dial-up and DSL system of connection makes residents resort to the satellite connection option. As a resident, it has to be established what data plan to work with because it would no use if you are drawn to unlimited data provided by Viasat only to find out that the speed that reaches your residence is not up to 15Mbps. Installers, once poor connectivity is observed in your area, they make it known to the subscriber because every satellite TV company wants a happy customer.
Most noteworthy is that Satellite often suffers poor latency which you may want to look into depending on the nature of your job.

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