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wireless cable tv

Wireless Cable TV

Wireless audio/video (AV) systems consist of two main parts: a Transmitter and a Receiver. The Transmitter uses a wired connection (most commonly via Composite RCA cables or HDMI cables) with the AV output from a source component such as a cable box, satellite receiver, DVD player, Blu-ray Player, DVR, Roku, or Apple TV. The Receiver uses a wired connection with the AV input(s) on a TV. Once the Transmitter and Receiver are installed the AV signals are sent from a source component out to the Transmitter, wirelessly on to the Receiver and out to the TV. Typical applications for this setup are when the Receiver may be located inside a cabinet, in an entertainment rack, behind closed doors or in another room; and/or the wireless cable tv is located where a wired connection is not possible or may just simply be an eyesore, like a flat panel wall mount application. Without the need to make long AV wire connections you can place your devices almost anywhere.

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Wireless ISP (wireless Internet service providers or WISP)

A wireless Internet service providers (WISP) is an Internet service provider (ISP) that allows subscribers to connect to a server at designated hot spots (access points) using a wireless connection such as Wi-Fi. This type of ISP offers broadband service and allows subscriber computers, called stations, to access the Internet and the Web from anywhere within the zone of coverage provided by the server antenna. This is usually a region with a radius of several kilometers.

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Best Wireless Internet Providers

In simple words, a wireless broadband can be defined as a term that refers to a type of internet connection that does not use any cables to transmit the signals. It is crucial to note that a wireless internet connection is very different from both 4G and 3G mobile broadband. This is because these types of internet connections use the signals of your Smartphone. On the other hand, most of the wireless internet providers use a wireless modem to deliver internet to the home of customers.

It is true that choosing a wireless internet providers used to be a pretty simple and straightforward task until a few years ago. However, things have significantly changed over the last few years and there are a number of options available to customers who are in search of a best wireless internet provider.

The good news is that the growing competition between different wireless internet service providers has opened a new world of possibilities to internet users. Most of the leading wireless internet providers in the United States provide high-speed and reliable internet service to customers. This in turn allows them to stream HD video contents, play online multiplayer games, access social media, and more without zero delays or interruptions.

wireless internet plans

Wireless Internet Plans

All about Wi-Fi: How to choose a Wireless Internet Plan

These days, a good internet connection and a wireless device can give you access to all kinds of entertainment and online tools – games, movies, social media, books, email and more. But without a good wireless internet plan, you’ll struggle to make the most of your electronic toys. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re setting up a Wi-Fi network for your home

What is Wi-Fi?

Wireless internet is commonly called Wi-Fi. It’s how you can get online without being restricted by pesky wires and cables.

A Wi-Fi network uses radio signals to send information between your wireless-connected devices (Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and computers) and the internet. It’s a bit like the way a radio or a mobile phone receives sound – through wireless signals.

The signals sent out aren’t too strong, which is why the network works best when it’s confined to an area, such as your house. Even then, it’s important to pay attention to the security of your network and make sure you set a secure password. That way anyone connecting to the network will need to enter the password on their device before accessing the internet. Without a password, your network is considered ‘open’ and can be accessed by anyone, putting your devices – and the personal information stored on them – at risk.

How can you get wireless internet?

Before you set up your home Wi-Fi network you’ll need:

  • A broadband plan including wireless
  • A modem.
  • A router.

  • The modem and router connect to the wall socket. The modem will access the internet and the router will create the Wi-Fi network in your home, allowing your devices to connect wirelessly.

    Alternatively, you can use a SIM card or internet dongle to connect wirelessly from your phone, tablet or laptop when you’re away from your home.

    What should you consider when choosing a plan?

    There are a number of different home broadband plans to choose from, one of which can form the basis of your Wi-Fi network.

    Before you sign a contract with a service provider, consider exactly what you want. If you’ll be connecting multiple devices to the network – will you be downloading movies while your kids are watching YouTube? – You’ll probably want a plan with a decent data limit and a reasonably fast speed. While this isn’t hard to find, your location will dictate which plans are available to you. Also consider:

    Equipment: Some plans come with a modem and a router, usually at an added cost. So, if you don’t already have these, keep this in mind while comparing plans.

    Internet access: Your options include NBN, cable broadband and ADSL or ADSL2+ (depending on what’s available in your area).

    Service provider: Your service provider is the company that connects you to the network.

    Add-ons: Some providers offer bonuses for signing with them. This might include access to a streaming service or pay TV.

    Bundles: If you’re interested in getting more than one service from your provider, consider what bundles they have on offer. You might be able to save money by packaging your home line rental, internet and mobile phone plans together.

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